The specialists of the law firm "BF.LV" has been operating in the market of legal services since 2002.

The main direction of our activity is providing service in the sphere of civil, corporate, labour, land law, legal representation, participation in the negotiations etc. Our company specialists render practical assistance in solving problems related to real estate, intellectual property, levy of accounts receivable both pre-trial and juridically, registration of commercial enterprises in Latvia.

We also assist our clients with registration and servicing of non-resident companies in tax-free and low-tax zones. For the convenience of our clients we offer integrated legal servicing for enterprises, small and medium businesses, as well as for physical persons. Law firm offers the whole gamut of legal and bookkeeping services.

To solve various problems, we recruit also jury lawyers, notaries, appraisers, experts and other specialists. We also have good relationship with several leading law firms in Russia, that gives us the possibility to offer the representation of our clients' concern practically on the whole territory of Russia.

We work individually with each client and can garantee professional and conscientious approach to solving the raised problem. We are aimed at long-term cooperation with our clients, many of whom become our permanent partners and recommend our services to their partners, friends and acquaintances.

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